Monday, July 30, 2007


...if that's even a word. Since I've been on vacation and not working full time, I've tried to create projects for myself. This weekend I worked on one of them, and it's almost finished! I inherited an old two-drawer dresser while in Salt Lake and decided I wanted to make it pretty. I figured I would just strip all the paint off, then stain it.

Well, these projects seem to be easier planned than followed through with. After stripping half the dresser, I found that it's not all the same wood. Damn! So that means it HAS to be painted. But it has at least five coats of paint: blue, red, yellow, white, and black. Naturally, black is the topcoat. So I sanded the hell out of the dresser this weekend, to even out all the paint, stripping, and years of abuse. It took me several hours. Luckily my parents let me use their power sanders, that helped a lot. There is a fair amount of detail on the dresser, though, so all of that needed to be sanded by hand. Finally, I was able to get two coats of primer on it, and I think it needs one more. That black paint just won't cover up!

The funny part about all this is I ended up hanging out with my parents for most of the day. I don't know what had gotten into them, but they just refused to get along. They kept on bickering about extension chords. Yes, EXTENSION CORDS. Wedded bliss! :D

On a totally random note, last night I stayed up late and watched the last stage of the Tour de France. I'm so proud of team Discovery! First and third place...that was awesome. Also, that little Levi is totally adorable, I think I have a new crush. What is it with me and bike shorts these days? Damn!

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PotatoJack said...

wow, that is big time productive. So much more then i seem to get done on the weekends. LOL. :) You are an inspiration to us all. love ya!