Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Family 101

Well, my big sis is in town for her annual trek to visit the midwest. It's so good to see her and her kids, although I still just don't know how parents do it. I was with the children for about three hours yesterday and I thought I just might pull my hair out.

The oldest is getting pretty cool. He's not like a normal thirteen year old, and that's pretty refreshing. It's not all embarrassment when he has to be out with adults, and he enjoys spending time with his insane grandparents. What a good kid.

Then, there's the six year old, who begged me all afternoon to "go to a restaurant" because she was so hungry. Damn girl, you weren't hungry when we left, where does this hunger come from? Even though she eats like a bird, her current ambition is to be the 'Next Food Network Star'. I think she likes pretending to cook, because she does so with a bad British accent. Yes, very cute for five minutes. Not for two hours.

Then, there's the eighteen month old, who's cute as a button. She knows words and speaks quite well, but usually opts for a whiny grunt instead. Charming.

All in all though, they're great kids and it's good to spend time with them. I guess I'm turning into a cranky old hag! Ha!


PotatoJack said...

HAHAHAHA!!! too funny. But this is what i am always told..."it's different when they are your kids."

kahluakitty said...

You know what I always say? "Yeah right!" ;)