Sunday, July 22, 2007

Post-breakup workout extravaganza!

Sometimes breaking up is good for the soul...sometimes it's good for the body too. After breakups, I tend to work out. More than normal...say several times a day.

I always feel as though my head clears when I am being active. I don't obsess about things I can't change, and am very accepting of my situation. Take yesterday for example...I offer to sub for a group strength class at 7:30am on a Saturday. That's dedication. Plus, I've got a Pilates/Yoga class to teach at 10am, just enough time in between to catch a snack and have a quick convo with my parents. Then, it's off to the trail to bike. We took it easy and only rode 25 miles, but still another couple hours of workout just to make sure the mind is clear. And to make sure I'm busy.

I was going to do a group ride today, but I don't think I'm physically or mentally ready. After four hours of solid workouts to include weight lifting, pilates, yoga, and cycling, I think my body needs a break. And this group ride is one that the ex and I used to do, so I'm just not ready to jump back into that scene.

Now to combat the soreness from the weight training...

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