Thursday, August 09, 2007


It's hot as balls out here. I work up a sweat playing guitar hero if my hair is down. I did the dishes this morning and after, you would have thought I had just come back from a 5-mile run. I can't stop sweating, and I'm going crazy! I feel like this guy:

Yes, my roommate and I could turn on the air conditioning, but we're college students. I'd rather have beer and ice cream, than have the money to pay for AC. If I really need some reprieve, then I can hoof it over to my parent's house where they've had the AC on since April. There was a 70-degree day sometime in April, so naturally my mother forced my father to turn on the air conditioning. My parents must have good circulation because man, they're skinny. You would think they might enjoy some heat once in a while, but hey...I can't complain since I'll be there soon enjoying their cool breezed home.

I really hope that it cools down before the weekend...I don't know how I'll make it through our show in this heat! And who wants to watch a woman play in her own pool of sweat? I'm sure those people are out there, but I really don't want them to watch...that would be pretty creepy. :p

But is sweating that bad? Maybe not. I'd like to think it's sexy. That's what I'll tell myself, anyway. Even though I may feel gross, I will pretend I look fabulous. Because:

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PotatoJack said...

I don't glisten...I sweat! LOL. Which i love to do, during exercises, but when i'm just in the house it's nasty. Lucky we've been cooling down alot in the evenings so the house stays really cool during the day. YEAH! We don't have AC.