Thursday, August 30, 2007

Notes for My Next Trip

I've decided to put together a list of 'rules' for my next trip to Utah, or just in general. Here goes:

1. DO schedule time with friends. Time runs out faster than you think.
2. Restaurants in Salt Lake is better than home. EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. (I succeeded very nicely on this one, may I add!)
3. Talk to Grandma more often. Give her a call once in a while. She's always got great advice.
4. Movies with friends you haven't seen in months are awesome. Because you talk the whole time and annoy everyone around you.
5. Mojitos made with tonic water are not as good as the real thing...but almost. As long as you add a lot of sugar.
6. Giving advice to your nephew about being a rock star, when you're drunk, has thus far been a really good idea.
7. Listening to weird 80's music (aka: Kate Bush) puts me in a lyric-writing mood.
8. Eating popcorn and watching the Disney channel all afternoon is a wonderful activity. Nieces must be included.
9. Trips to Home Depot are fun when you're with your sister. Even if it's for a sprinkler that you had just run over.
10. Sushi is amazing. I miss it.
11. Kill with kindness. Especially if it's an ex-boyfriend you're killing. Plus you will get a free meal out of it.
12. If you choose to have a Chile Verde burrito at the Red Iguana the day before you leave, remember: bathroom visits on an airplane and in the airport will be aplenty. :(
13. Choose row 13 seats on a plane. People are still really superstitious, so that means you'll have 3 seats all to yourself. Hello, naptime!
14. If you've got stuff on your mind, it doesn't go away just because you're on vacation.

That's pretty good for now, I'll make sure to add more if I think of them!

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