Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A dedication

I have always been a fan of James Bond movies. As I was searching through the television today, Dr. No was on so I stopped. I appreciate classic movies more and more the older I get. It makes me think about how realistic body shapes were back then. Check out Ursula Andress in her famous beach scene:

Yes, she's got a rockin' bod, but one that is attainable if you work hard. It looks healthy too, and she still has a very womanly shape...none of this anorexic crap we're inundated with these days.

So yes, I know that James Bond films were and still are cheesy, but I appreciate the realistic aspects...and strive to look like Ms. Andress in a bikini!

A great goal for me has everything to do with my big x-mas present this year: a trip to the lovely Puerto Rico in April! I think with some hard work, I can look like that on the Puerto Rican beaches. I'm going with one of my good friends and just can't wait!

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