Friday, October 12, 2007

Now let's be honest.

I've decided that I should just have more than one man in my life, so there's not so much pressure. On anyone. There are several slots that need to be filled, so here goes:

1) Confidante/friend: Someone to talk to. Bitch about how tired I am, and how much homework I have to do, resulting in me missing yet another new episode of "Dog the Bounty Hunter".

2) Hugger/Cuddler: Self-explanatory. Someone that gives amazing hugs a must. Since it's getting cold, cuddling will also be very important. In the summer, stay away from me. I'm already too hot and sweaty without you.

3) The lunch/shopping date: Let's go to the mall, eat pizza, and be catty. That would be tons of fun. We'll try on clothes and model them to each other.

4) The outdoorsy guy: Take me on a hike, a bike ride, or rock climbing. Nothing beats getting sweaty with the opposite sex, bedroom/intimacy isn't always a must.

5) The romantic: Send me flowers. Tell me just how amazing I am. Wine and dine me. Believe me, I like great food, and I always eat. Everything.

6) Some great sex: Yes. That would be nice. If need be, the Hugger/Cuddler can jump in afterward.

There you have it. I need six boyfriends. The first three or four could certainly be gay. I don't care, I just want to have some fun. ;)

This does remind me of a "Manshow" episode...Maybe I should just hire my own lady sitter?


Kate said...

Hahhahah... I remember that Manshow episode! I miss that show.

I have a gay cousin who would be GREAT for several of those things. The man has style, money, AND loves the outdoors. Unfortunately, he also loves men...

PotatoJack said...

You are so funny!! Good luck on your quest! :)

Ape said...

I know you can find this guy....he will just not be able to all of the above at the same time.