Monday, June 02, 2008

Long time, no see!

Whew! What a crazy few months this has been. 2008 has brought so much to me, and I am truly lucky to have all that I have, despite all the ups and downs. I've been home from Hawaii for a week now, and even though I'm no longer in paradise, I'm glad to be back. But, check these out!

Beautiful flowers:

Exotic beaches:

Amazing food:

Amazing drinks:

Amazing adventures (Check out the North Shore SKYDIVING view!):

Palm trees:

And finally...North Shore chickens!!

When I left Hawaii the first time, I felt like I left so much behind. This time, I feel that even though I'm no longer in paradise, I came back whole, happy and ready to continue with my life just as it is.

It was a struggle to get through the end of the semester, but it all ended on a positive note, and I am excited for a break. It feels like I could sleep for a long time! I'm lucky that I have some time to do that this summer, although I'm still working quite a bit. And...working on the tan I acquired while in Hawaii might be in the mix a little too!;) I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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PotatoJack said...

looks wonderful! so jealous! So did you skydive?!?